rolf kröger

At the beginning, there was always stone.This mass, growing through space and time, the secretly formed mixture of material and chance,is at the centre of Rolf Kröger´s creations.


Rolf Kröger takes his stones from quarries or stone traders, choosing the ones he likes.He sees the personality of the stone at the first encounter.Its form can prescribe the subject and guide the artist.Or the subject has already been chosen and the rawnessof the stone is adapted to the idea through cutting and grinding.The artist combines the stone with other materials likeantique metal, stainless steel and wood tolet it speak, creating exciting new sculptures.


He also transfers his love for surfaces and texturesonto linen with breathtaking creations. The pictures he creates with his own unique mixing techniqueconsist of numerous layers of completely different materials.Kröger works with glazing watercolours on plaster,adding stone dust and colour pigments, building them up,grinding them down and washing parts of them away again.He never leaves stone, but takes it with him, in his thoughts if not materially. The artist brings the magic of stone crustsonto linen apparently limited to two dimensions.


Katja Tassone - Schmitter